About the Biomass Fair

Implemented by partners, the Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG), the Charcoal Association of Namibia (CAoN) formerly known as Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA), and the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), the Biomass Fair is an event tailored toward the blossoming bush biomass sector in Namibia and the region at large. By bringing together stakeholders of the growing biomass sector, the sector is strengthened, and new opportunities can be explored. The annual fair provides an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging of best practices and knowledge on bush control and biomass utilisation. The Biomass Fair takes place over three days, including a Research Symposium, a Biomass Industry Conference, and a Biomass Expo showcasing technology and field demonstrations. Each specific event is targeted and has a specific purpose, with the overall aim of formalising and promoting the budding biomass industry in Namibia.

With approximately 300 visitors and 30 local exhibitors, the Biomass Technology Demonstration Day at Cheetah Conservation Fund in 2018 was a successful pilot event that paved the way for the foundation of this annual biomass event. In 2019, the Biomass Technology Expo drew over 1500 international, regional, and local visitors, as well as 120 exhibitors to Otjiwa Lodge in the Otjozondjupa region, the central hub of bush biomass in Namibia. To supplement the financial efforts of the implementing partners, an annual call for sponsorships is advertised for interested companies.



Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) is a Section 21 non-profit industry association representing a wide range of private sector and academic members active within the Namibian bush-biomass sector. N-BiG aims to advocate for sustainable bush control and biomass utilisation including development of local and international markets of bush value chains, this contributes to addressing the problem of Bush Encroachment which hampers the productivity of our Namibian agricultural land.


The Charcoal Association of Namibia (CAoN) is a non-profit, voluntary association supporting activities and operations of stakeholders to contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the charcoal and by-products value chain while considering the environmental, economic, and social impacts. CAoN provides services to over 1,400 members, including capacity-building training for both charcoal workers and their supervisors, and facilitates research and development of new value chains such as biochar and wood vinegar. Currently, Namibian charcoal products are exported to over 20 countries, and the demand is expanding rapidly.


The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) promotes national competitiveness by providing multiple opportunities for excellent education, applied research, innovation, and service. NUST is running multiple biomass and bioeconomy projects and research initiatives and is actively working to promote scientific research and development dissemination.