Standard Bank BIOMASS FAIR 2024 – Innovating for a greener future

Windhoek, Namibia, 17 June 2024 – The Standard Bank BIOMASS FAIR 2024 is set to take place from 8 – 10 August 2024 in Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region. The three-event organised by the Namibia Biomass industry group(N-BiG) and Charcoal Association of Namibia (CAoN), is tailored to nurture and promote the thriving biomass sector in Namibia and the region. Standard Bank is the diamond sponsor for the BIOMASS FAIR 2024, thus the fair is named Standard Bank BIOMASS FAIR 2024. This year’s theme is “Innovating for a greener future”.

The 2024 Standard Bank BIOMASS FAIR is aimed at updating biomass stakeholders and the public at large on the sector developments, explains Progress Kashandula, Chief Executive Officer of N-BiG on behalf of the implementing partners. “The bush biomass sector already contributes extensively to socio-economic development in Namibia and has the potential to shape an inclusive bioeconomy. The BIOMASS FAIR is the most important knowledge exchange platform for the sector and provides an excellent opportunity for networking.”

The Standard Bank BIOMASS FAIR 2024 will bring together industry experts, researchers, and both public and private stakeholders for knowledge exchange, networking, and the showcasing of cutting-edge harvesting and processing technologies for bush-biomass.

Standard Bank Namibia, as the Diamond Sponsor of the BIOMASS FAIR 2024, is honoured to reaffirm its unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions and the pivotal role of the biomass industry in promoting a greener future. Erwin Tjipuka, Chief Executive at Standard Bank Namibia, emphasized the bank’s dedication to supporting innovative and eco-friendly initiatives that align with Namibia’s environmental goals.

‘’The biomass industry is crucial for fostering sustainable energy practices and addressing climate change. By supporting the BIOMASS FAIR, we are not only investing in the future of renewable energy but also contributing to the socio-economic development of our nation. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative industry, supporting initiatives that not only benefit the environment but also enhance the livelihoods of Namibians. Together, we can ignite the growth of the biomass sector and pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.’’

On Thursday, 8 August, the Biomass Conference will explore vital aspects such as access to local and international markets, harvesting and processing technologies, bush-biomass products and technical services, research and innovation for the industry. It will feature local, regional and international speakers. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into emerging trends and seize opportunities in the industry.

From Friday, 9 August through Saturday, 10 August a Biomass Expo with an estimated 120 exhibitors will demonstrate an extensive range of biomass products and cutting-edge technology. The Expo will feature a variety of exhibitors showcasing harvesting technology, exhibiting charcoal and other wood products, and presenting services for the biomass industry, including access to finance. Attendees can expect a family-friendly environment accompanied by a variety of food and beverage options.

An exclusive Networking event is planned, offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for biomass buyers and sellers to connect on the evening of 8 August at a venue still to be announced.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for the event. Our sponsorship packages offer exclusive opportunities for sponsors to engage and address event participants, ensuring maximum visibility and networking possibilities. By seizing this strategic sponsorship opportunity, you will not only demonstrate your support for the biomass industry but also position your organisation as a key player in driving sustainable growth in Namibia and the region.

For more information, please contact or Julian Nakanyala @ +264 242 949.